Thursday, December 02, 2004

Working Man

Today i got a job--possibly 2! I start building next Monday which should be good. Other job is sales and doesn't start until end of January--it's mostly evening and saturday work which doesnt go well with me. Yesterday I struggled through a game of touch rugby. After the first 5 minute run I was almost dead and had to lie down until right near the end of the game when I felt like I could take the field again. 4 months of no sports really kills. Now I'm looking for a Subaru Impreza 5 door at least 2 litre, preferable manual with alloys. And tomorrow I start moving in to Scott and Becs place. Had a lovely dinner tonight cooked by Jenny, hosted by Karen--thanks a lot!
Random note for today. I learnt that Greenland has a population of 56 000 people(taken in 2000). Well maybe they are Eskimos, maybe Eskimos are people. I also finished the book today--now what shall I believe?

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Unknown said...

believe the bible not some other persons book