Sunday, August 21, 2005

cath, jamin, karen, andy, carla, lisa, jude, and katelyn came for a semi-formal dinner on friday night--was great fun!! Posted by Picasa

the kitchen crew at camping conference Posted by Picasa

Jaimee making mashed spud Posted by Picasa

Jaimee, me and Jesse working the flying fox Posted by Picasa

Jaimee and Jessica at camp Posted by Picasa

Me with Jaimee and Jessica at Mapua wharf Posted by Picasa

Me with my new sign and letterbox Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ohingaroa Bay and Goldenhorse

Friday after work packed up, picked up the french girls, met Lisa and Tim for a quick bite, a visit to the supermarket and the gas station and by 7:15 we were heading east for the Marlborough Sounds. What an awesome destination for a weekend. Pics are in my blog from New Years. Same place. 75 mins later arrived at Lisa's bach where Tim and Lisa had just got the fire lit. I soon taught them Settlers of Catan and 2 games later at 1am they were hooked and we went to bed. I had to tell bedtime stories to Tim and Lisa--most amusing!! Feldspar was mentioned for kates benefit! Saturday morning I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we got the 4 wheeler out and the new lawn mower. Played around and then went for an adventure up the creek. We walked/climbed up the creek bed and the water was freezing. Laure and Charlotte both slipped and got bruises. We finally got to a waterfall and Tim and I climbed some rocks way up the side of the gully. Then we had to climb thru gorse in our barefeet to get back down into the creek and then we climbed down around waterfalls sliding and swinging from trees. It was a great fun adventure and a place to go back to for sure. Back for lunch and Scott and Bec joined us. We played more Settlers, got the boat out and got wet for 5 minutes before deciding it was to rough and gave up and put the boat away again!! Then I drove back to Nelson to drop the Frenchies home. I then met Andrea and drove all the way back down to the bach again!! And with the price of petrol over here now its like $75 to fill up my car!! Got back at 7pm and they had roast chicken dinner just ready to eat!! The pumpkin was so good!! Played Settlers again and watched the All Blacks thrash the Wallabies. Oh yeah! Off to bed but I couldn't come up with any bedtime stories tonite! Sunday morning we had pancakes for breakfast, then played Settlers again!! Attempted to get the big boat out but the tractor wouldn't start! Lazed in the sun--it was so nice and warm--has been perfect sunny days for the last week or more. 3pm and packed up and back to civilization. None of us wanted to go back. We just could have lived there forever. I went straight to the aiport to see Laure off. She has only been here 6 weeks but seems like I've known here longer--she's a real cool girl. Then out to Scott and Becs to make scones and play yep Settlers again!! Finally got home for a shower about 10pm. What a fun weekend! And tonight I have just been with Karen to Goldenhorse in concert--they were awesome!! Breaks Co-op opened and were real good and then Goldenhorse played for 90 mins and were brilliant. I could have listened all night!! Its now bedtime so till next time!!