Sunday, April 06, 2008

View out my window!

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Snow in the Royal Box!

Ok not quite but I awake today to find it snowing--first time in London for me! Last night I went to the Royal Albert Hall, another first for me, and enjoyed Prom Praise. This is an annual event put on by the music department that does the music at All Souls Church. I was seated in a box in the Grand Tier just a few along from the royal box. However some friends were seated in the royal box so after the smoozing drinks reception with the high rollers and guest artists I watched the first song from the Royal Box! No royalty in attendance tho. Main guest artists were Keith and Kristin Getty who have written many modern hymns including In Christ Alone. I also experienced first hand an English phenomon known as promenading. The people in the Arena (cheap seats--actually no seats at all, sit on the floor or stand) were often referred to as Promenaders. I understand from the many concerts held there known as Proms. At one point some of them began a curious bobbing similar to the sudden jerk caused when someone unsuspectingly taps you forcefully in the back of the knee. Many of them were managing to "bob" in time and in quick succession-up an down, up and down. I guess for the English reserve in such a poncy place as the RAH this would be as much movement of ones body as one could show. One Englishman in asking me what I thought of the place and the concert, commented that this type of building reeks of the British Empire days. I guess it does in some ways but the fact that normal people were sitting in the Royal Box made it less royal somehow. It still is a pity tho that in a democratic society with an elected government there is still a "royal" family. They are no different to anyone else and should be treated no different to anyone else. It was interesting when Harry was pulled from Afghanistan he said he wanted to be treated like anyone else. He then became a terror target. The best thing England could have done is left him out there and said to the world "If Harry dies in combat then thats the same loss as the next man dying, we dont care any more or less" If England cared less about his safety, he wouldnt be a terror target cause he wouldnt mean anything special to this country.