Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rainy Holidays

Yep its raining today. And the next few days have showers forecast which means our trip to Anchorage in the Abel Tasman National Park may be cancelled and we may go somewhere different. I have now got pictures onto this blog and will put more on in the future. Yesterday saw Oceans 12, interesting movie, quite different to Oceans 11 but still not bad. Monday I got a little to much sun resulting in a red stomach!! Was nice at Kaiteriteri beach tho and was able to appreciate having a nice beach to lie on when so many overseas have just had their beaches and homes and lives destroyed by disaster. The Sri Lankan cricket team are in NZ at the moment and have decided to stay here and play the rest of their games against NZ. Myself and 9 friends are going to Wellington in 10 days time to watch one of the games.

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