Friday, December 30, 2005

1996 WRX for sale

NZ new, excellent condition, ABS, airbag, alarm/immobiliser, full electrics, brand new tyres, complete service history. 122 000kms (new cambelt etc done at 100 000kms) $14 000 ono. Reluctant sale--wanting to travel.
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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The best week of the biggest year!!

Yep I'd have to say 2005 was the biggest year of my life. And in a lot of ways the toughest year. But after some big challenges and a lot of lessons learnt I can say that this week was the best of the year!! It started with a party of one of our teens from 1BW ( which is our youth group. We have had such an awesome year this year with them. Then I got some news which wasn't so great and got me thinking more about my interest in going to Paraguay. On Tuesday I bumped into a friend and told her about Paraguay and she is really keen to go too!! So I got way more excited about it and started checking out tickets etc. I had to buy new tyres for my car so have decided to sell it so I can start saving seriously for my trip. Then on Friday I found out another of my mates is real keen to go to Paraguay too! I had a great week at work ( and got heaps done. Saturday I did my Christmas shopping and then we went to the carols at the church steps. Today had a Christmas church service and then spent the day at my uncle and aunts. Ate heaps and started reading my new book "The Dream Giver". Of course there were many other cool moments that made this week so good, like the spas, Chevy and Kristians engagement, dinner at the lonestar with Karen to celebrate the week and just thinking about the journey God has me on!! And I just got a job on the Pro Beach Vball Tour so will be travelling all over the north island for the first 3 weeks of January! Yippee! So this year is almost over and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me next year. God bless you all and especially those of you who have had so much input into my life in particular during the tough times of 2005. You are awesome and a huge blessing!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Saturday, December 03, 2005

My Christmas tree on the front porch

Yes I have put my lights up--the icicle lights are my new ones for this year. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Friday, November 25, 2005

English Park--ready to play

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Arriving at English Park, Christchurch

Getting ready for our big game!!
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party at the apartment!!

Sinky trying to gain entry to the party last friday night!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My weekend!

Last weekend was a classic Nelson summers weekend. Friday night was a BBQ up at the apartment overlooking the bay-a perfect evening. Played 4 on the couch and got beaten by the girls. Saturday was our first soccer trip away. I picked up Jimmy and Stew and we were at the airport by 9:15am. Flew on Origin Pacific to Christchurch on a charter flight arriving around 11am. We hung out in the airport for 45 mins and then got shuttle buses to English Park. Its a sweet soccer ground--perfect pitch and even had a grandstand!! I'll put some pics of it all on here. Had a pretty good game which we led until about 20 mins to go and then they scored so the final score was 1-1. Flew back up the country--it was a perfect sunny day all the way and back into Nelson about 7pm. Up to Redwood Downs for another BBQ (I was on the barbie again!) and then a game of Catch Phrase-good effort Stew!! Back home to finish building the grandstand for the rugby. 1:20 am and I get to bed for 100 minutes of sleep before the test. About 15 of us watched the game on the huge screen in the couch grandstand. Sunday was 1 Big Whanau day at church. Some of our youth greeted people at the door and handed out communion etc. We played a movie of pics etc of our year at youth group and I spoke about what we do and Donald prayed for us all. A bunch of us went to Beam and Averils for lunch then off to the A & P Show to watch some wood chopping, have a quick look around and then a ride on the Kamikaze!! Off to Tahuna Beach for a walk and throw the ball around. The tide was the lowest I have seen it so we walked way out. Then back to Karens new house for dinner-not quite a BBQ but almost!! And finally finished the weekend off with a spa up at Tim Rutledges house. Beeeaaautiful!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Check out pics below of our awesome day in the Abel Tasman park on Monday. Thanks guys--its was so much fun!! In other news, the team for our soccer game on Saturday will be named tomorrow. We fly to Christchurch for the day to play the NZ under 18 side. I'm fairly confident I will make the side. Have been watching the grand slam All Black tour on a huge screen in my apartment each weekend with people sleeping over. This weekend I think I will make a mini grandstand as we take on England. I'm up late right now cheering on Australia (believe it or not) as they are in extra time against Uruguay to get to the World Cup. Looks like a penalty shoot-out will be on. Still working at Teapot Valley and keeping real busy with work and youth group and sports etc. Summer is fully here and should be a good long hot one!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

what a weekend!

Friday I pulled out of camp about 3pm and headed for Richmond to pick up Cath and Kate. We went to the supermarket and got a bunch of food for 6 people for a weekend and after loading up the WRX headed east for the Marlborough Sounds. Stopped in Havelock for fish and chips and got to Ohingaroa Bay about 7pm. Plugged the Sky decoder in and watched the kiwis lose the league but only just. Lisa, Tim and Anita arrived and we started playing Trivial Pursuit. Saturday morning I cooked up bacon and eggs for everyone. I got the ride on mower out and mowed the grass. Lisa and Tim took the boat out for a fish but got nothing. Emma arrived, BBQ for dinner and then we watched the NPC rugby final and played more trivial pursuit. Got the music pumping and had a mini dance!! Sunday morning I cooked pancakes and then Alice arrived and then Jude and Terry. Played touch, watched World Series and then I built a fence for Jude. Tim and Lisa helped and then took out the boat but still got nothing! Big roast chicken dinner and more great conversation and hanging out. Monday morning I made scrambled eggs and then scones. We played volleyball and went for a hike up the creek. Watched Chicago win the second World Series game and then packed and headed back to the city. Stopped at Havelock for a icecream by the Marina and then we all went to Choofs house for a BBQ. It was a brilliant long weekend--every time we go down the sounds its guaranteed fun and good times. Thanks to the Delaneys for the bach!! looking forward to a huge weekend this weekend too as we go on a road trip to Harley and Davinia's wedding in Ashburton.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Model Shoot

Me and Karen modelling shirts from Mountain Design. Would make a great staff shirt! New version of Picasa is very cool and can do heaps with pics and put them straight on here. think i will have to put some more on!

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Soccer pro!

Yep I'm on the way to becoming a semi pro footballer! My club has secured major sponsorship and next year the 1st div side will be paid to train and play!! We had a mini tournament yesterday before our prizegiving and I was in the starting 11 playing on the right wing. I played some of my best soccer giving some great crosses and corners and scoring one of my best ever goals! In November we are going to Christchurch and then Dunedin for games--they are flying us down! Jim Thompson got player of the year for our team. Next year we will be entering the Chatham Cup and attending a special tournament in Gisborne. I can't wait!!
To backtrack a bit since my last blog, I had a friend from Canada stay for a couple of nights and then 2 girls from England (Fenella and Flora) for 3 nights. They stayed at Redwood Downs with me and I spent a day in the Abel Tasman with them. We had a great time hanging out together. Then I had a weekend in Auckland for Mum's 60th bday party. We had a great night and was cool to see some family again. 2 weeks ago I moved out to Teapot Valley Camp which is where I am now living. The season has started with 2 school groups through so far. They have both been a lot of work but a lot of fun too. I'm looking for other jobs but want to be where God wants me.
One Big Whanau (my youthgroup) is a lot of fun and the 18 teenagers are really bonding together. We had a trip to Rainbow Ski Field in August--check out pics and info on the 1BW website--link on the right hand side.
Its been like summer here this month with warm temperatures and sunny days. Have been playing touch on the beach a few times. Best movie I have seen lately is Hotel Rwanda--everyone should see it and act on it. Hillsong Australia are planning a worldwide missions trip there next year.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

cath, jamin, karen, andy, carla, lisa, jude, and katelyn came for a semi-formal dinner on friday night--was great fun!! Posted by Picasa

the kitchen crew at camping conference Posted by Picasa

Jaimee making mashed spud Posted by Picasa

Jaimee, me and Jesse working the flying fox Posted by Picasa

Jaimee and Jessica at camp Posted by Picasa

Me with Jaimee and Jessica at Mapua wharf Posted by Picasa

Me with my new sign and letterbox Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ohingaroa Bay and Goldenhorse

Friday after work packed up, picked up the french girls, met Lisa and Tim for a quick bite, a visit to the supermarket and the gas station and by 7:15 we were heading east for the Marlborough Sounds. What an awesome destination for a weekend. Pics are in my blog from New Years. Same place. 75 mins later arrived at Lisa's bach where Tim and Lisa had just got the fire lit. I soon taught them Settlers of Catan and 2 games later at 1am they were hooked and we went to bed. I had to tell bedtime stories to Tim and Lisa--most amusing!! Feldspar was mentioned for kates benefit! Saturday morning I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast, then we got the 4 wheeler out and the new lawn mower. Played around and then went for an adventure up the creek. We walked/climbed up the creek bed and the water was freezing. Laure and Charlotte both slipped and got bruises. We finally got to a waterfall and Tim and I climbed some rocks way up the side of the gully. Then we had to climb thru gorse in our barefeet to get back down into the creek and then we climbed down around waterfalls sliding and swinging from trees. It was a great fun adventure and a place to go back to for sure. Back for lunch and Scott and Bec joined us. We played more Settlers, got the boat out and got wet for 5 minutes before deciding it was to rough and gave up and put the boat away again!! Then I drove back to Nelson to drop the Frenchies home. I then met Andrea and drove all the way back down to the bach again!! And with the price of petrol over here now its like $75 to fill up my car!! Got back at 7pm and they had roast chicken dinner just ready to eat!! The pumpkin was so good!! Played Settlers again and watched the All Blacks thrash the Wallabies. Oh yeah! Off to bed but I couldn't come up with any bedtime stories tonite! Sunday morning we had pancakes for breakfast, then played Settlers again!! Attempted to get the big boat out but the tractor wouldn't start! Lazed in the sun--it was so nice and warm--has been perfect sunny days for the last week or more. 3pm and packed up and back to civilization. None of us wanted to go back. We just could have lived there forever. I went straight to the aiport to see Laure off. She has only been here 6 weeks but seems like I've known here longer--she's a real cool girl. Then out to Scott and Becs to make scones and play yep Settlers again!! Finally got home for a shower about 10pm. What a fun weekend! And tonight I have just been with Karen to Goldenhorse in concert--they were awesome!! Breaks Co-op opened and were real good and then Goldenhorse played for 90 mins and were brilliant. I could have listened all night!! Its now bedtime so till next time!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Golden Bay, headbands and Rockstars!

What an awesome 7 days!! Last Friday I took Laure and Charlotte from France to the Mussel Inn for dinner and then stayed the night with some awesome people in Golden Bay. Saturday we went to PuPu Springs and then to Harwoods Hole. It was my first time to see the hole and its pretty big!! Back in time for soccer saturday afternoon where I played striker. It was my first full game of the season and I scored a goal and we won 2-1. Then Saturday night we had a random phone call from a guy Anita knew from Fernie. He is at YWAM in Oxford and along with 2 girls had just arrived in Nelson. They came up to stay the night and were going to head off to Picton with me the next day but plans changed and God had another plan for them! Jesse, Jessica and Jaimee decided to stay for the week and help out at camp. We had 175 campers for Christian camping conference so it was pretty busy. Man did we have a blast tho! Ric is the best cook and we spent like 12 -14 hours a day in the kitchen doing dishes and preparing and cooking and eating good food!! Jaimee is a hilarious girl and she made us headbands which wont be forgotten! Have you had your cry for the week yet Jaimee? Jessica knows at least as much Christian music as me and maybe more so we had a blast singing while doin the dishes--esp to the supertones! And Jesse it would be great to work with you again--you're a great bro. Thanks heaps for sharing at One Big Whanau on Tuesday night too. God really blessed me in having these 3 "angels" to hang out with all week like 24/7 and although I am now completely wasted it was a week soo worth it all!
Then Choof came home with a friend Laura (barstar). So had 2 evenings with them which was real cool. See you both again soon I hope! Not much sleep has been had but 7 days of awesome times, new lifelong friends and precious moments! Pictures will be on here real soon!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Home in Nelson

So its been a while since I blogged I know. Heaps has happened and I have finished my job in Queenstown and am now back in Nelson. Not sure yet what God has for me next but I trust Him to show me. He has been teaching me so much lately! Its great to be back home and great to see friends and family again! And its warmer up here too. Of course the day after I left Queenstown it snowed right down to the lake so I never saw it right down low. But I hope to go back sometime as I now feel like a little part of me is still in Queenstown and overall it was a great experience being there and in the job I had at Lakeland Park.

Monday, May 09, 2005

My Birth Place

Saturday was cold and overcast but i dragged myself out of bed, showered and ate and warmed the WRX up. 10:30 and I was off to Queenstown, picked a scottish girl up that i had met earlier and headed east for Dunedin. It was my first time down highway 8 from Cromwell. Went past the Clyde dam, bought some dried apricots in Roxburgh (couldn't find any fresh ones!) and around 2pm found ourselves in cold wet Dunedin. Went straight to Cadburys and had a look at the centre and bought some chocolates--king size bar of Turkish Delight. Then we went up the steepest street in the world, around the university, into the Octagon where we found a bunch of students hanging out in the rain with some sort of silent protest to legalize weed! Drove around a bit more and then it was time to get to the House of Pain! We didn't have the best seats but at least we had a roof over us and were pretty close to the ground. Although the Highlanders lost it was a fun atmosphere. Got out of the game to find a parking ticket on my car for being to close to an intersection--ridiculous! Anyway drove the 3 hours back to Queenstown, most of the trip with pouring rain and leaves and water all over the road. The road between Alexandra and Cromwell is very straight and wide and fast--well fast in a WRX anyway so she got a bit of a wind up! Then at Cromwell I passed a Ford Falcon just past an intersection. I waited until after the intersection to see if there were any lights in the car to signal it being a plainclothes cop. Couldnt see any so passed it and as I did I noticed the driver was wearing a yellow high vis jacket. I thought it was a cop but nothing happened so i sat on 110 all the way thru the gorge with him right behind me! Anyway was a fun trip and a good chance to see my birthplace, Dunedin. So glad I don't live there tho!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Family Smamily!!

Been an extra busy week as I got things sorted al Lakeland Park before my week away at the family reunion. A couple of the trust board members are looking after things for me but I'm still getting the emails and phone calls and trying to deal with that side of it from the sunny Bay of Plenty! We are not far from Whakatane at a small retreat centre. We have the place to ourselves pretty much. So far we have eaten lots, had some lively arguments, watched slideshows of each others family/lives, played Settlers of Catan until 2am each night, and played soccer. One whole wing of the dining room is a great computer network set up with 3 PC's and 4 laptops. All of them are on a network sharing internet and files or software!! Loving it!! I cooked dinner last night with help from my bro Jono and we cooked Chicken Fajitas. A few of us went to town to watch the league but that was kinda disappointing! Tonight we are going to the beach to have a bonfire. gotta go do dishes!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

More snow but warm and sunny!

Sunday morning we had a bit more snow on the tops. Coronet Peak had snow on the top of the trails. It's been the most awesome sunny days here and the lake looks superb. Yesterday and today are around 20 degrees and I'm wearing t-shirt and shorts for the first time since I've been here!! Settling into the job well and getting heaps done. I have a huge list that I am working through and am excited about the challenges and the progress made. So far any spare time has been spent watching cricket or rugby or Lost (best drama currently on TV), usually doing some paperwork at the same time. I need to start making a list of things I want to do while I am here. Milford Sound for sure, Deer Park, walk around the peninsula, Jet boating, learn to snowboard. Have found a soccer team so off to my first training tonight, hope to get heaps of games in. Forgot to put in my last blog that on my way down here 2 weeks ago I saw a Hummer!! It would be the first Hummer I have seen in NZ. It was black and was heading north somewhere around Greymouth. Really looking forward to family reunion in 9 days time. I'm flying up to Auckland to meet up with everyone for a week in the Bay of Plenty. Miss everyone in Nelson and wish someone would come and visit me!! Well its lunch time and I'm hungry...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Queenstown gets snow!!!

Monday was a warm sunny day in Nelson so in t-shirt and shorts I left for Queenstown. The WRX was packed from front to back right to the ceiling with stuff! 800kms and exactly 8.5 hours later I arrived in Queenstown which was considerably colder. Then yesterday was freezing and I wore a fleece all day! We have had the fire going the past 2 nights. I'm just looking out my window right now at the view across the lake and the clouds have just lifted off the mountains up behind Queenstown and yes there is snow!!!! It arrived just this morning!!! So its not much but bring on winter festival!! Well I'm learning heaps about the job and last night started taking phone calls. I start for real next week. Am looking forward to upgrading the office systems with a new laptop and some specially designed software for all our bookings etc. I will also get a new digatal camera to play with and a new cell phone! Fun! I have a large 4 bedroom house here all to myself so I'm hoping to have lots of you come and stay sometime.

Queenstown is cold already!

Arrived here on Monday evening in shorts and t-shirt!! But its freezing cold here!! Feels like it should be snowing already. Learning heaps about the job--I start for real next week. The trip down was 800kms and it took me 8.5 hours with only 1 stop for petrol in Franz Josef. Petrol here was $1.43/litre!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yay!! finished work yesterday. Packing up today yet again! Seems like I only just moved in here. It's a very rainy Good Friday here in Nelson. Going to be wet all weekend. Had a farewell BBQ last nite. Moving on Monday!!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Lake Wakitipu on road to Glenorchy Posted by Hello

The view from balcony of my house in Queenstown--nice eh?--you better come visit! Posted by Hello

My cafe in Wanaka! Posted by Hello