Friday, April 21, 2006

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter bunnies and eggs!!

Thursday night i strained my groin a little at training so left early. Decided to leave for the sounds that night. Got my laundry washed and dried and packed the car and cleaned up heaps of stuff and left at 9:45pm. Got down there at 11:15 and Jude(Lisa's mum) was waiting up for me with a hot chocolate! Friday we put tents up and mucked around. I cooked dinner for everyone. Saturday heaps of people came and we played touch and cricket, rode the motorbikes and ate. Saturday night was Lisa and Tim's engagement party. About 60 were there and we had a pig on the spit. Me and Sinky wore the rabbit ears cause Tim and Lisa wouldn't! Sat round the fire until 4am--actually i fell asleep and woke up and everyone else had gone to bed!! Sunday we played around some more and had a easter egg hunt. I cooked pancakes for breakfast and took Mandy Russ up the top of the hill on the 4 wheeler. I cooked dinner again sunday night, watched a movie and then I had a bath in the outside bath to soak my groin strain. slept in my tent again and woke to rain on the tent-real cool sound!! More relaxing on Monday and more cooking before leaving about 4pm stopping at numerous places on the way home to deliver birthday party invites. My party is May 20 and we going on a bar-b-cruise. Home for dinner cooked by Jennie as her and Nate were here staying. A real relaxing weekend and good times as usual down there. Congratulations to Tim and Lisa!!