Friday, December 10, 2004

Nothing much!

Working at Little Kaiteriteri this week after travelling all over makes one realise how this place is just paradise. I hope to have pics on here soon. Also pics of what could be my new car on Monday. My insurance company told me they wouldn't insure my car as its a high risk make of car for thefts. Apparently some people "arrange" for their mates to steal their cars and then they claim the inurance. Either I look like one of these people or AMI are just to darn lazy to do a quick character check on me. They obviously don't want any of my business in the future. I hate how some companies are so impersonal and just have one rule for everybody. Business is about knowing your clientelle (market) and meeting their needs so they keep on coming back for more.
Also today--Shellz flew into Nelson!

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