Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Flew to Nelson Monday afternoon but Air NZ managed to leave my bags in AKL. Aunty Jan met me at the airport after a turbulent descent into Nelson. But of course it was sunny here when most of the country had clouds!! Everything seems so green and lush here--beautiful. Its like living in a glasshouse. My bags arrived by shuttle this morning in time for me to have some chocolate chip cookie cereal for breakfast (I brought it from USA). It also meant I had clothes to wear today! Got a new bank account and a haircut--the mall (centre of it all) has definitely changed and improved. The Body Shop is already there unfortunately but I dont see a donut shop yet so I still have something to work on. Lunch with Cam, Clint and Darryl, saw Jenna, Hayley and Sebina. Then off to Monterey House, Gardens and Cafe. This is where I used to work in Orinoco. The cafe opens wednesday 8 December. It is very very nice and I suggest you all go out there and sample it. Now I need to find some work for 3 weeks before xmas. Nearly finished DaVinci Code--getting better! So was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene? It certainly wasn't normal for a Jewish man to have any standing if he wasnt married was it?

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Anonymous said...

trust me muzzer - its not worth reading! It was good until about halfway, and then the half truths and falicies got worse!! SOme of the "FACTS" are, well... not.
nerrad nottus