Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day

Went to Shellz place for pressies and dinner. Then went to Teapot for the Sutton Xmas dinner. So I got 2 dinners! Also saw the pudding lit with brandy on it. The traditional game of cricket was replaced with indoor soccer due to a lack of warm sunshine. Other presents I got were: Richard Bransons autobiography (I really wanted this one!)--Shellz gave me this along with some Oreo cookies, pure maple syrup and a Roots watch from Canada, a car washing kit and some car mats. Also received a cooler bag filled with food from Shellz parents, and a book called "The Heavenly Man" from Aunty Jan and Uncle Graeme. It was a very good Christmas day and later in the evening I remembered the best gift of all and so thanked God again for the gift of Jesus being born about 2008 years ago (probably in August not December!) It's now Boxing Day in New Zealand and its almost time for church!! The first 1 day cricket game against Sri Lanka is today too. Oh I love the summer holidays!!

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