Saturday, December 18, 2004

High Speed Treasure at the North Pole!

Ok so it's a bit mixed up. Christmas is nearly here and I'm really in the spirit!! Back in November in the USA had a radio station that played nothing but Christmas carols and now over here in NZ I can't find one that will play any at all!! So today Shellz and I went to the Polar Express and relearnt to believe in Santa and all things that are Christmassy. I loved it! Then we went to Christmas in the Park which was a first for Nelson and included a play by the churches of Nelson called Bethlehem's Treasure. It too was very well done and a great evening although it was freezing cold here today!! There was fresh snow on Mt Arthur which is kinda like a white Christmas for us!! Hot chocolates at Cafe Affair and then drove around looking at houses with Christmas lights all over them. More and more are getting into it here in Nelson. Now I'm home and Broadband is finally all going! So it's "highspeed"-well kinda anyway.
Last nite we had a great Christmas toga party with a Nativity/Christmas theme. Everyone dressed up and we had angels, shepherds, Xmas trees, a sheep, Mary and Joseph, and more. I was a Templer Knight (read about them in the DaVinci Code or in The Templers. They were a group of knights who protected documents (often referred to as the Holy Grail) supposedly found under the Temple in Jerusalem after the Romans destroyed it. There are Templer churches all over Europe and some still in use today. Pictures of all the above activities will hopefully get on here soon!!

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