Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Eve

Yep Santas on his way! Actually he's already been to my place but I'm not opening the pressies until the morning. Had today off work and had a lovely picnic with Chevy Lala and Jenna and Shellz. Then picked some berries for tomorrow and did the last minute shopping. Tonight we went to the carols at the church steps as per usual but when we got there there was no choir and no brass band. The street wasn't even closed off. There were still a few hundred people there and they started singing anyway and made it happen themselves. The Nelson Council of Churches has some answering for this. It was bloody ridiculous. It wasn't raining at all when we got there and hadn't been for the past 30 minutes at least. Anyway we went to Lambrettas and got drinks. Then drove home looking for houses that were lit up, and we sure found a few. A couple were awesome--they on the Ridgeway south. Now its bedtime--tomorrow is huge!! Jingle bells, Jingle bells.......

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