Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Rainy Holidays

Yep its raining today. And the next few days have showers forecast which means our trip to Anchorage in the Abel Tasman National Park may be cancelled and we may go somewhere different. I have now got pictures onto this blog and will put more on in the future. Yesterday saw Oceans 12, interesting movie, quite different to Oceans 11 but still not bad. Monday I got a little to much sun resulting in a red stomach!! Was nice at Kaiteriteri beach tho and was able to appreciate having a nice beach to lie on when so many overseas have just had their beaches and homes and lives destroyed by disaster. The Sri Lankan cricket team are in NZ at the moment and have decided to stay here and play the rest of their games against NZ. Myself and 9 friends are going to Wellington in 10 days time to watch one of the games.

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day

Went to Shellz place for pressies and dinner. Then went to Teapot for the Sutton Xmas dinner. So I got 2 dinners! Also saw the pudding lit with brandy on it. The traditional game of cricket was replaced with indoor soccer due to a lack of warm sunshine. Other presents I got were: Richard Bransons autobiography (I really wanted this one!)--Shellz gave me this along with some Oreo cookies, pure maple syrup and a Roots watch from Canada, a car washing kit and some car mats. Also received a cooler bag filled with food from Shellz parents, and a book called "The Heavenly Man" from Aunty Jan and Uncle Graeme. It was a very good Christmas day and later in the evening I remembered the best gift of all and so thanked God again for the gift of Jesus being born about 2008 years ago (probably in August not December!) It's now Boxing Day in New Zealand and its almost time for church!! The first 1 day cricket game against Sri Lanka is today too. Oh I love the summer holidays!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Santa came!!

7am and I was wide awake. Santa brought me a nice towel and bath mat and a folding deck chair. Brilliant! Also opened pressie from Mum and Dad which was 3 books. Time to read! It's an overcast day here looking like rain. Yeah it's Christmas!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Eve

Yep Santas on his way! Actually he's already been to my place but I'm not opening the pressies until the morning. Had today off work and had a lovely picnic with Chevy Lala and Jenna and Shellz. Then picked some berries for tomorrow and did the last minute shopping. Tonight we went to the carols at the church steps as per usual but when we got there there was no choir and no brass band. The street wasn't even closed off. There were still a few hundred people there and they started singing anyway and made it happen themselves. The Nelson Council of Churches has some answering for this. It was bloody ridiculous. It wasn't raining at all when we got there and hadn't been for the past 30 minutes at least. Anyway we went to Lambrettas and got drinks. Then drove home looking for houses that were lit up, and we sure found a few. A couple were awesome--they on the Ridgeway south. Now its bedtime--tomorrow is huge!! Jingle bells, Jingle bells.......

Saturday, December 18, 2004

High Speed Treasure at the North Pole!

Ok so it's a bit mixed up. Christmas is nearly here and I'm really in the spirit!! Back in November in the USA had a radio station that played nothing but Christmas carols and now over here in NZ I can't find one that will play any at all!! So today Shellz and I went to the Polar Express and relearnt to believe in Santa and all things that are Christmassy. I loved it! Then we went to Christmas in the Park which was a first for Nelson and included a play by the churches of Nelson called Bethlehem's Treasure. It too was very well done and a great evening although it was freezing cold here today!! There was fresh snow on Mt Arthur which is kinda like a white Christmas for us!! Hot chocolates at Cafe Affair and then drove around looking at houses with Christmas lights all over them. More and more are getting into it here in Nelson. Now I'm home and Broadband is finally all going! So it's "highspeed"-well kinda anyway.
Last nite we had a great Christmas toga party with a Nativity/Christmas theme. Everyone dressed up and we had angels, shepherds, Xmas trees, a sheep, Mary and Joseph, and more. I was a Templer Knight (read about them in the DaVinci Code or in The Templers. They were a group of knights who protected documents (often referred to as the Holy Grail) supposedly found under the Temple in Jerusalem after the Romans destroyed it. There are Templer churches all over Europe and some still in use today. Pictures of all the above activities will hopefully get on here soon!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Subaru WRX

Monday I took possession of a Red Subaru WRX. It's very nice and goes well. I'm hoping to get pics up on here before Christmas!! In 2 days time we will have faster internet so will do more then. Played touch today in the rain and won. I could have scored a try but went over the dead ball line. It's been real hot here in Nelson and I've got a lot of sun on me this week. Poured concrete at work today--we are building a pole house--all split levels with a view out of the bay. And of course I've been hanging out with Shellz! Real tired now so must hit the bed.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Yep fancy that!

Ok I've been telling people if you wanna know anything about me then you need to read this blog. Today was yet another beautiful Nelson day although a little windy. Today I spent the day with Shellz! We visited Uncle Graeme and Aunty Jan, went to the Mall (centre of it all) for lunch and to look around, and then went to the new swimming pool complex. $5 entry and then we enjoyed the wave pool, the lap pool, and the adult spa pool. Worth a visit if you havent been! Then we killed a couple of hours playing on shellz new PXT phone I bought her as an early Christmas present. Then the mystery part of the day. I had got a picnic hamper from Aunty Jan and so we went to the supermarket and bought a few scrummy items to put in it. Then we drove into Nelson and parked on the waterfront. Shellz couldnt figure out where we were going to eat our picnic!! We walked onto the wharf and met the skipper of the Haulashore Island ferry. We climbed on board his little boat and he took us across to the boulder bank where he gave us a key for the lighthouse. We walked to the lighthouse and climbed the stairs to the top, 60ft up. Here we climbed out a little hatch onto the balcony and sat in the sun and ate our picnic. It's a beautiful spot. Anyway to cut the story short for those of you sick of it being drawn out-- I asked Shellz to be my girlfriend and she said, "Of course"! We had a rougher ride back in the boat and got a little wet which made it all the more fun! Then went out to Harley and Dee's engagement party. A fun day for me and I know I will sleep with a smile on my face tonight!! Thanks Shellz!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Car breakdown

Just my luck! Tonight on the way into town, Scotts car (which I have been using) overheated. I stopped to put water in but I fear I was too late. It woundn't restart. Scott came in and eventually it started. It smoked and we had to stop to top up the water frequently. Think a head gasket may have gone.

Nothing much!

Working at Little Kaiteriteri this week after travelling all over makes one realise how this place is just paradise. I hope to have pics on here soon. Also pics of what could be my new car on Monday. My insurance company told me they wouldn't insure my car as its a high risk make of car for thefts. Apparently some people "arrange" for their mates to steal their cars and then they claim the inurance. Either I look like one of these people or AMI are just to darn lazy to do a quick character check on me. They obviously don't want any of my business in the future. I hate how some companies are so impersonal and just have one rule for everybody. Business is about knowing your clientelle (market) and meeting their needs so they keep on coming back for more.
Also today--Shellz flew into Nelson!

Monday, December 06, 2004

crazy brother!!

Hey check out what my crazy brother Jono has been up to in the Ukraine! Maybe you have seen the protests etc on TV. Well he's sure having a blast right there with them!! And my mobile phone is finally working--praise God!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

New home

Moved into Scott and Bec's home in Brightwater today. Mobile phone still not working. I've never been this unhappy with Vodafone before. For some stupid reason they dont even bother to look into my history with them. Will hopefully have a car this week. Have found a couple to choose from. Was great to have Graeme Leathley lead worship at church this morning. Brilliant!

Thursday, December 02, 2004


New mobile number is 021 405 406. It should be working sometime tomorrow!

Working Man

Today i got a job--possibly 2! I start building next Monday which should be good. Other job is sales and doesn't start until end of January--it's mostly evening and saturday work which doesnt go well with me. Yesterday I struggled through a game of touch rugby. After the first 5 minute run I was almost dead and had to lie down until right near the end of the game when I felt like I could take the field again. 4 months of no sports really kills. Now I'm looking for a Subaru Impreza 5 door at least 2 litre, preferable manual with alloys. And tomorrow I start moving in to Scott and Becs place. Had a lovely dinner tonight cooked by Jenny, hosted by Karen--thanks a lot!
Random note for today. I learnt that Greenland has a population of 56 000 people(taken in 2000). Well maybe they are Eskimos, maybe Eskimos are people. I also finished the book today--now what shall I believe?