Sunday, January 02, 2005

Friday morning it was still raining a little. Packed up the camping gear and picked up Pugsy and Emma's boat. I towed this behind the WRX down the Marlborough Sounds. Camped at Lisa Delaney's bach--I in my tent and 3 others in a caravan. New Years Eve we had a bonfire on the beach and then I drove 5 others down to Portage Resort for the countdown. Just after we got there the rescue helicopter arrived as there had been a boat crash. It landed on a small grassy knoll and took 3 people to Blenheim hospital before returning to pick up 2 more people and take them to Wellington hospital. So we had a big countdown and said happy new years to a bunch of strangers and then drove back to where we were camping! (30 mins drive) New Years Day it rained all day so we watched movies and I read Richard Bransons book. Then went out in the rain and rode the 4 wheeler motorbike. Took it up some steep bulldozer tracks in the forest which was pretty fun. But Sunday morning was a beautiful sunny summer's day so we put Ned the boat in the water and all had a go on the tube behind it. I managed to do 3 complete rolls while still holding onto the tube! Then we packed up and drove home stopping for ice cream at Havelock and then for Jazz in the Park in Nelson. Check out the pics!!

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