Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My weekend!

Last weekend was a classic Nelson summers weekend. Friday night was a BBQ up at the apartment overlooking the bay-a perfect evening. Played 4 on the couch and got beaten by the girls. Saturday was our first soccer trip away. I picked up Jimmy and Stew and we were at the airport by 9:15am. Flew on Origin Pacific to Christchurch on a charter flight arriving around 11am. We hung out in the airport for 45 mins and then got shuttle buses to English Park. Its a sweet soccer ground--perfect pitch and even had a grandstand!! I'll put some pics of it all on here. Had a pretty good game which we led until about 20 mins to go and then they scored so the final score was 1-1. Flew back up the country--it was a perfect sunny day all the way and back into Nelson about 7pm. Up to Redwood Downs for another BBQ (I was on the barbie again!) and then a game of Catch Phrase-good effort Stew!! Back home to finish building the grandstand for the rugby. 1:20 am and I get to bed for 100 minutes of sleep before the test. About 15 of us watched the game on the huge screen in the couch grandstand. Sunday was 1 Big Whanau day at church. Some of our youth greeted people at the door and handed out communion etc. We played a movie of pics etc of our year at youth group and I spoke about what we do and Donald prayed for us all. A bunch of us went to Beam and Averils for lunch then off to the A & P Show to watch some wood chopping, have a quick look around and then a ride on the Kamikaze!! Off to Tahuna Beach for a walk and throw the ball around. The tide was the lowest I have seen it so we walked way out. Then back to Karens new house for dinner-not quite a BBQ but almost!! And finally finished the weekend off with a spa up at Tim Rutledges house. Beeeaaautiful!!

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