Sunday, December 25, 2005

The best week of the biggest year!!

Yep I'd have to say 2005 was the biggest year of my life. And in a lot of ways the toughest year. But after some big challenges and a lot of lessons learnt I can say that this week was the best of the year!! It started with a party of one of our teens from 1BW ( which is our youth group. We have had such an awesome year this year with them. Then I got some news which wasn't so great and got me thinking more about my interest in going to Paraguay. On Tuesday I bumped into a friend and told her about Paraguay and she is really keen to go too!! So I got way more excited about it and started checking out tickets etc. I had to buy new tyres for my car so have decided to sell it so I can start saving seriously for my trip. Then on Friday I found out another of my mates is real keen to go to Paraguay too! I had a great week at work ( and got heaps done. Saturday I did my Christmas shopping and then we went to the carols at the church steps. Today had a Christmas church service and then spent the day at my uncle and aunts. Ate heaps and started reading my new book "The Dream Giver". Of course there were many other cool moments that made this week so good, like the spas, Chevy and Kristians engagement, dinner at the lonestar with Karen to celebrate the week and just thinking about the journey God has me on!! And I just got a job on the Pro Beach Vball Tour so will be travelling all over the north island for the first 3 weeks of January! Yippee! So this year is almost over and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me next year. God bless you all and especially those of you who have had so much input into my life in particular during the tough times of 2005. You are awesome and a huge blessing!!

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Unknown said...

great you can feel you can talk to us - we are glad we can help
hey little bro - life is full of lessons - some we didnt want to learn, but what doesnt break us builds us up.
go out there built up way beyond what you were before and 2006 will be great!
happy new year monsters friend!