Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Queenstown gets snow!!!

Monday was a warm sunny day in Nelson so in t-shirt and shorts I left for Queenstown. The WRX was packed from front to back right to the ceiling with stuff! 800kms and exactly 8.5 hours later I arrived in Queenstown which was considerably colder. Then yesterday was freezing and I wore a fleece all day! We have had the fire going the past 2 nights. I'm just looking out my window right now at the view across the lake and the clouds have just lifted off the mountains up behind Queenstown and yes there is snow!!!! It arrived just this morning!!! So its not much but bring on winter festival!! Well I'm learning heaps about the job and last night started taking phone calls. I start for real next week. Am looking forward to upgrading the office systems with a new laptop and some specially designed software for all our bookings etc. I will also get a new digatal camera to play with and a new cell phone! Fun! I have a large 4 bedroom house here all to myself so I'm hoping to have lots of you come and stay sometime.

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