Monday, May 09, 2005

My Birth Place

Saturday was cold and overcast but i dragged myself out of bed, showered and ate and warmed the WRX up. 10:30 and I was off to Queenstown, picked a scottish girl up that i had met earlier and headed east for Dunedin. It was my first time down highway 8 from Cromwell. Went past the Clyde dam, bought some dried apricots in Roxburgh (couldn't find any fresh ones!) and around 2pm found ourselves in cold wet Dunedin. Went straight to Cadburys and had a look at the centre and bought some chocolates--king size bar of Turkish Delight. Then we went up the steepest street in the world, around the university, into the Octagon where we found a bunch of students hanging out in the rain with some sort of silent protest to legalize weed! Drove around a bit more and then it was time to get to the House of Pain! We didn't have the best seats but at least we had a roof over us and were pretty close to the ground. Although the Highlanders lost it was a fun atmosphere. Got out of the game to find a parking ticket on my car for being to close to an intersection--ridiculous! Anyway drove the 3 hours back to Queenstown, most of the trip with pouring rain and leaves and water all over the road. The road between Alexandra and Cromwell is very straight and wide and fast--well fast in a WRX anyway so she got a bit of a wind up! Then at Cromwell I passed a Ford Falcon just past an intersection. I waited until after the intersection to see if there were any lights in the car to signal it being a plainclothes cop. Couldnt see any so passed it and as I did I noticed the driver was wearing a yellow high vis jacket. I thought it was a cop but nothing happened so i sat on 110 all the way thru the gorge with him right behind me! Anyway was a fun trip and a good chance to see my birthplace, Dunedin. So glad I don't live there tho!


Unknown said...

good fun ride in a wrx!
alright :)
pity the highlanders lost though
happpy birthday dave!

Anonymous said...

your nuts would have been number than ever in the dunedin cold