Saturday, April 23, 2005

Family Smamily!!

Been an extra busy week as I got things sorted al Lakeland Park before my week away at the family reunion. A couple of the trust board members are looking after things for me but I'm still getting the emails and phone calls and trying to deal with that side of it from the sunny Bay of Plenty! We are not far from Whakatane at a small retreat centre. We have the place to ourselves pretty much. So far we have eaten lots, had some lively arguments, watched slideshows of each others family/lives, played Settlers of Catan until 2am each night, and played soccer. One whole wing of the dining room is a great computer network set up with 3 PC's and 4 laptops. All of them are on a network sharing internet and files or software!! Loving it!! I cooked dinner last night with help from my bro Jono and we cooked Chicken Fajitas. A few of us went to town to watch the league but that was kinda disappointing! Tonight we are going to the beach to have a bonfire. gotta go do dishes!

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