Friday, July 29, 2005

Golden Bay, headbands and Rockstars!

What an awesome 7 days!! Last Friday I took Laure and Charlotte from France to the Mussel Inn for dinner and then stayed the night with some awesome people in Golden Bay. Saturday we went to PuPu Springs and then to Harwoods Hole. It was my first time to see the hole and its pretty big!! Back in time for soccer saturday afternoon where I played striker. It was my first full game of the season and I scored a goal and we won 2-1. Then Saturday night we had a random phone call from a guy Anita knew from Fernie. He is at YWAM in Oxford and along with 2 girls had just arrived in Nelson. They came up to stay the night and were going to head off to Picton with me the next day but plans changed and God had another plan for them! Jesse, Jessica and Jaimee decided to stay for the week and help out at camp. We had 175 campers for Christian camping conference so it was pretty busy. Man did we have a blast tho! Ric is the best cook and we spent like 12 -14 hours a day in the kitchen doing dishes and preparing and cooking and eating good food!! Jaimee is a hilarious girl and she made us headbands which wont be forgotten! Have you had your cry for the week yet Jaimee? Jessica knows at least as much Christian music as me and maybe more so we had a blast singing while doin the dishes--esp to the supertones! And Jesse it would be great to work with you again--you're a great bro. Thanks heaps for sharing at One Big Whanau on Tuesday night too. God really blessed me in having these 3 "angels" to hang out with all week like 24/7 and although I am now completely wasted it was a week soo worth it all!
Then Choof came home with a friend Laura (barstar). So had 2 evenings with them which was real cool. See you both again soon I hope! Not much sleep has been had but 7 days of awesome times, new lifelong friends and precious moments! Pictures will be on here real soon!!

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