Thursday, November 25, 2004

Roast dinner

I found a whole leg of lamb in the supermarket today!! It cost $37 US! It was the only piece of lamb i could see in the whole supermarket so i snatched it up quick. I had a little fun with the oven during the cooking of the Pavlova which of course messed the Pavlova up a little but the cream and kiwifruit soon hid the mistakes!! Then the lamb got put in the oven with potatoes, kumara, and pumpkin. Peas and gravy and mint sauce made it perfect!! That lamb was so nice!!!

On another note: lessons i learnt today while taking trash to the dump:
  • Americans dont bother too much with tying loads on
  • If the back of the ute tray dont shut then slam it until it does!! ( it didnt so i had to calmly fiddle with the latch and had it fixed in 2 seconds.)

Also tonite I went to the hospital to pick someone up (lady I am staying with went into hospital tonite) and as I had been in a rush I was in barefeet. Now I know shops have a sign that says No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service but this was a hospital!! Some guy at the door was goin to get me some boots to wear but I told him I was from NZ and didn't care too much about what might be on the floor. Those floors were shiny and looked cleaner than any floor in any house!

Today I also christened the new jacuzzi bathtub here and watched the proposal on the Bachelor.

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Unknown said...

i wear no shoes a lot too