Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rebel Billionaire

A new reality show has just started called Rebel Billionaire. Maybe you have heard of it. As an addict of reality tv myself , this one is probably the one I wish most that I was on. It's a similar idea to the Aprentice but this one is hosted by Richard Branson of Virgin. Richard is a much more down to earth type of guy than that idiot Trump. He also started his company with nothing--none of his Dads money like Trump. Anyway the winner of this one gets 1 billion $US, plus Richards job!! The winner becomes president of Virgin Worldwide, a position currently held by Richard himself. I can'f figure out why all 16 of the final contestants are Americans--not what i would have thought would be a logical choice for a worldwide company based in Britain. Most Bristish employees pick Kiwis or Australians as their first choice employees. I actually had an Australian businessman tell me the other day that us Kiwis were harder working than Australians!! (He also offered me a job here in the USA!) Check the show out--it has some amazing stunts in it that the contestants have to do--as you probably know Richard is an adventurer himself. Seems i missed the opportunity to run Virgin so maybe I will follow Richards example and start my own company from nothing.

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