Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope everyone has a great day being thankful!! I'm thankful especially today to Earl & Corrie Fore for hosting me here in South Carolina. I have had a great time here and will remember it fondly. Also thankful to Charity for putting up with me and taking me around and being a cool mate. Looking forward to thanksgiving dinner at your parents place!! And of course I'm thankful to my family and friends all around the world-gonna be great to see a bunch of you again in a few days--esp. Jo & Frank, Nikki, Melanie and Benji!! A big thanks to any of you that have hosted me on this 4 month adventure around USA, Canada and England. I've had a blast! And a special thanks to Shellz for being you. And most of all I'm thankful to God for loving me and the way He has shown that love to me in 2004. He has taught me a lot and brought me a long way this year. I'm excited about that and what He has for me next! Bring on the Turkey and Pumpkin Pie!!

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