Thursday, January 29, 2009

Summer in NZ

This morning I flew back into London after 7 1/2 weeks holiday in NZ. I drove 7500 kms covering 30122008927from Auckland in the north island down to Milford Sound in the south collecting 1 speeding ticket in the process. I crossed on the Cook Strait ferry 4 times, stayed in 4 hotels, 2 backpackers, and 2 camps. I climbed a glacier, rode in a jetboat, swam in the river and the sea, spent 18 full days on beaches (beach volleyball) and ate loads of fresh boysenberries. I ate outside at many restaurants on balmy summer evenings with beautiful sunsets such as the one in this picture over Nelson. I spent 5 days including Christmas with my family which we now do every 4 years. Its always a special interesting and crazy time—there are now 22 of us but unfortunately my sister in law and 4 nieces couldn’t make it from Australia. I also caught up with many good friends and family in Nelson and was good to see friends in other places as I travelled around too. Its cold and grey in London as per usual, seems a bit strange being back here. It was a brilliant trip and I’m very grateful to have had the chance to do it and a huge thanks to all those I stayed with or spent time with in NZ.


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