Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas with the whanau

Yes its been a long time since we had Christmas together—possibly 20 years. Technically this one we still weren't all together as Tim only flew into the country just before midnight on Christmas day but as I met him at Wellington airport I at least saw him while it was still Christmas Day! Dec 23 I took the ferry to Wellington and then a 30 minute drive up highway 2 past Upper Hutt to where we had a campsite booked out. We had the place to ourselves and although its rather run down now we were able to make it work for us. Computers were networked, Christmas decorations were put up, table tennis table was put out and of course a table for settlers. We took turns cooking meals for everyone—my turn was Christmas Day so I did a ham, 2 chickens, new potatoes, and a bunch of salads. Then of course Christmas pudding and fresh Nelson boysenberries and ice cream---mmmmm! The kids enjoyed the water slide and pool and hot tub, we had a great in-laws v out-laws soccer match (won by us again-yes I scored the winning goal- yes I'm competitive!) and many other great moments together. Dec 29 I again ferried back to the South Island and to Nelson where it’s been hot and sunny ever since! Have been swimming and laying around, finished reading The Kite Runner and generally relaxing! Tomorrow I drive to Christchurch for the start of the National Beach Tour-4 weeks of beach volleyball all around the country. Brilliant!!!

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