Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Madness

March has been mad! March 1 Michael W Smith came to London and we hosted him at All Souls Church during the evening service and then an acoustic set after the service followed by the world premiere of his new DVD- A New Hallelujah! It was a massive privilege to meet and hang out with Michael. I even got to introduce him for his set and emcee the evening! I’ve been a massive fan of his music since I was about 12 and his songs have inspired and challenged  and encouraged me at many different times in my life. The fact that he was associated with Kanakuk Kamps in Missouri helped in my decision to pursue working there where I spent 2 of the best summers of my life! So was a brilliant evening! The following week I moved out of my short term room sit and stayed with Alex for 4 nights and then Cheri and Roy for 2 nights before house sitting for Brenda for 2 weeks and now I’m back with Roy and Cheri. Its been a bit unsettling moving all around and not having a place to call home. It’s frustrating that All Souls treat the “ministry team” one way (they all get accommodation provided) and those of us not on the “ministry team” another way. March 9 we premiered the Hansie Cronje movie with Hansie’s older brother Franz coming over from South Africa to introduce it and answer questions. March 21 we held a special nite on the Credit Crunch with a BBC economist correspondent and a top economics advisor. I produced and ran the multimedia for the night—was very interesting. There have been a lot of job losses in London being a big financial centre. March weather has been very settled and quite a few lovely sunny days! Soccer has been up and down with 1 win and 2 losses. I did score one of my best goals ever as a 25 yard free kick tho! We are still near top of the league with about 3 games to play. Easter is nearly here and I’ll be off to Ukraine for 5 days to visit my brother Jono and sister Rufus and her husband Jon. Should be an interesting trip (flying Wizz Air!!) Hoping to be in a house very soon to call home and before long summer and beach volleyball/touch rugby will be here!

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