Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wednesday-Independance Day

There was a bit of rain overnite so the girls camping out got a little damp! Lots of wet tents for me to hang up to dry. Having obtained a soldering iron I also worked on the radio antenna. Got it all put together and after a bit of brain scratching managed to get all the equipment set up and working. Was cool to hear myself on radio when I tested it! 107.9 fm- sorry you probably are not close enough to tune in! Late afternoon and back to the campout site to roll up tents and sleeping bags now they were dry. Then dinner time! Dinner tonite was good! Chicken breasts and spaghetti and garlic bread and corn. After dinner I set up for Party at the Point. I do this every Wednesday night for the teenage campers. The point is a really nice piece of land that juts out into the lake. I set up tiki torches and had Adam build a huge fire right on the end of the point. We have some picnic tables under a willow tree on the point with giant checkers and cards on them. Have hillbilly golf and bocce ball (petanque), hoola hoops and beach volleyball. I set up the portable sound system and lights (red white and blue lights tonite being July 4th). Around 9pm the kids arrive and my volunteers start serving drinks. We had made fruit punch which they served with sherbet icecream and little umbrellas for decoration! After the sunset there were a lot of fireworks going off all around the lake making it a very pretty evening! By the time its all cleaned up and I come home its almost midnite but I can sleep in tomorrow. A good day today!

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