Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thursday & Friday

Sleep in! Yay! Woken mid morning by my friend Molly texting me. Laxed all morning. After lunch and a quick catch up in the office, I finished putting tents away from the campouts earlier in the week. They were finally all dry. Then I started writing mid summer evaluations. I like doing them but don't like the time it takes thinking them through! I have to write evaluations for the counselors that work with me in the teen program (Challengers). Thursday evening I spike my hair up and emcee Mock Rock. Each cabin sing/dances/performs a song and we have judges and select the best boy and girls cabins. We alternate weeks with the Mock Rock and a skit night. They can be a lot of fun with some hilarious acts. I am kept on my toes doing all the music and announcing each act. Praise God for Ipods! I am also MOD on Thursday nite so its another late night.
Write some more evaluations and then find there is a volleyball class today so rush out to teach that. Kinda hard with 8 kids of varying ages and abilities and Fridays are really a recreational class rather than a teaching class. We have a pretty decent beach volleyball court and I got new outlines, a new net and proper beach volleyballs so that all helps! Back to the evaluations. There are always plenty of interruptions along the way to doing anything. Someone to help or get something for. 4PM I load the station wagon with the food etc for a banquet at the North Village. This is a pretty cool event. The teen boys arrive there early and clean the pavilion up and set the picnic tables putting candles on them etc. We have a big new grill there and so we grill Italian chicken breasts putting pineapple and cheese on them as they finish cooking. We serve bread sticks, corn on the cob and raw baby carrots. Followed by watermelon. The teen girls dress up for dinner not knowing what they are going to or where. Their counselors take them to the dock where they get on the pontoon boat and are transported to the North Village. At the dock there waiting are some of the boys and a counselor playing guitar. The girls are escorted to the pavilion and given drinks. Once all the ladies are there 2 of the older boys say grace and explain to the girls that they want to be gentlemen to them tonight. The boys wait on the ladies tables and there is live music and a fire in the fire pit. I am kept busy helping cook on the grill and overseeing everything else as well. The ladies have a great time and the boys hopefully learn something! I clean up after it all and take stuff back to the main kitchen and clean some more! Read over some of the camper survey forms just filled out and then catch the end of the closing ceremony. Help clean up after that and after talking to 2 boys who have been fighting with each other head home for a shower and some icecream and to write this and watch the Letterman show!

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