Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunday and Monday

Sunday--Up at 8:30 to serve breakfast for the stay over campers. Clean up and tidy up loose ends before my time off starts around 11am. Home to shower, eat and fall asleep on the couch watching sports on tv. Around 6pm I walk over to the Scotts place just around the lake a little bit. (they manage another camp—smaller than Crosley) Eat dinner with them and their staff. They have a small summer staff of 8 and I find it so relaxing going over there and just hanging out. Rebecca Scott is like my Mom over here and always makes me feel like it’s my home. Go to Wallmart, don’t buy anything but going to Wallmart is just something you do when you have nothing to do! Back to the Scotts to watch a movie. Overall a relaxing day! I miss getting to church tho but we are starting week 5 of summer camp so are halfway thru now.
Monday--Aaahhhh sleep in day! I love to sleep in! Up around 10:30am and off to the office at midday. (the end of my 24 hours off for the week) Office work and bits and pieces today and then preparing for the boys campout and taking them over to set up camp. Back for dinner--meat pies!! Wow unheard of in America but our cook made awesome meat pies and they tasted kinda like my Gran used to make them! Tonite I was MOD-Manager on Duty, so that means visiting every cabin around bed time and checking on them, talking to a counselor from each cabin etc. Then locking up the dining hall, staff lounge and office before leaving around 11pm. Some nites it can be a lot later--luckily tonite is a quiet nite so ill be home on time!

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