Monday, July 24, 2006

Innocent Civilians?

Just what is an innocent civilian? I remember asking myself that question after 9/11. Were the citizens in New York innocent? Or does one lose innocence by merely living in a country and thereby aligning oneself with that countries government and policies and also that countries culture. This week I have asked myself that again as I have watched Lebanese people displaced from their homes and listen to them talk to foreign journalists saying they are innocent and the Israelis are taking innocent lives. This was especially noticeable to me in a valley just north of the Israeli border. This valley has been a Hizbollah stronghold for 20 years with training camps held here etc. Now I suggest that any citizen who lives there has either learnt to tolerate the terrroists who live and train there or they don't really care about them or they might even like what they are doing to annoy their neighbours, the Israelis. The Lebanese have not just allowed Hizbollah to live and operate in their neighbourhood but have also allowed them to be involved in their government where they now hold about 10% of the seats and their influence is much greater than that. Would we in New Zealand stand by if the Mongrel Mob decided to turn from crime to terrroism and then attempted to get seats in our parliament? Interesting to see 60 minutes tonight where I see good kiwi citizens influencing the mongrel mob to give up crime and focus on their families and getting jobs and becoming good citizens themselves. And its working!! I believe the people make the country and whether you have a choice of government or its forced on you, people throughout the centuries have found ways to influence and change their society when needed. I think to do nothing for 20 years does not really allow you to be called an innocent civilian.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I didn't read that but I just wanted to leave a comment. I'll read it right now though. :]

Unknown said...

hey dave

innoncence can certainly exist in this sort of situation
think of all those under age of reason or who live at home and have no choice but to be there: they are certainly innocents.
think of all the landholders and business powners who lived there prior to the hezzies moving in - they may have no where else to go, or no where withall to leave
think of the non combatant personnel - the nurses and doctors, the accountants even! some of these may be volunteering to be there, some may be there for other reasons.

life is never quite so cut and dried and black and white as we wish!

still good questions you raise - and certaionly food for thought that we don't become complacent. I'm reading some history of the second world war and the lead up time was significant as the major poweres were basically very complacent toward Germany, although hitler had been active since the 20s in politics.