Sunday, August 20, 2006


Yep you might notice this page has changed its format. I like change--that is one thing I don't have in commmon with my beautiful region, Nelson. Maybe that is one reason I want to move away again. Here's a few changes taking place.
  • I'm employed!-I have been building now for 3 weeks
  • 3 more weeks and I will get my licence back and move out of Teapot Valley
  • I have applied for some camping jobs in the USA but if nothing opens up there then I will stay around at least until early next year
  • We have 1 soccer game left before our playoff games so trainings have intensified and we are aiming to win the playoffs
  • It feels like winter has been and gone and spring is here as it is pretty warm most days
  • Getting my licence back will assist in my life being not so boring!
  • Summer will soon be starting and along with it beach volleyball and touch rugby
  • The Bucknam family is leaving our church and moving back to the USA
  • Cam and Chloe will be getting married in 3 weeks time so I will be flying to Auckland for the wedding. Will also be able to say Happy Birthday to Mum!
I can't wait for some more changes to come along!

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