Saturday, March 05, 2005

the beautiful south

I'm in queenstown and have just driven out to Glenorchy for a look. Been drizzling and its colder than Nelson! Looked over the camp this morning and had an information overload on how to operate camp. I met one of the board members--Henk and he's great! He has just got the new website online and wants me to help get the camp admin systems all computerized and made simple yet professional. Yippee!! Just the sort of challenge I love! Also saw their church and yes they use powerpoint/multimedia. I may help them out with that too. But my first priority will be the camp and getting that all figured out. I'm off to Henks for dinner soon--venison sausages. Yesterday had a great drive down the coast in the WRX--will put some pics up when i get home. drove 830kms all up. Picked up an Israeli hitchhiker in Ross and dropped him in Wanaka where I had dinner before driving the Crown Range road to Queeenstown. This is a windier road but of course the sub loved it!! Then all of a sudden you get to the top and you are way up high and you look south and could see the lake and the lights of Queenstown. The sky was still light down thru the hills above the lake but had orange and colours in it. Looked awesome. Coming down the hill was fun--real steep and heaps of hairpin bends.

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