Tuesday, February 08, 2005

We dont know how lucky we are!

Last weekend was a perfect reminder of why Nelson is the best place on this planet. Especially when its summer time and hot!! Its been extra hot here lately but there are so many ways and places to keep cool! Friday nite i finished work early (cause it was hot!) and went to my uncle and aunties place for a swim and then a BBQ dinner eaten outside. My brother Jono was still there on his visit and my sister jo and her family are still there too. Watched cricket and rugby 7's and then played games. Saturday I met Jono and Jo and family at Rabbit Island for a swim and we taught Nikki and Melanie to catch waves on the body board. Then off to play beach volleyball in the afternoon, then a swim at Tahuna beach which was like bathwater and hundreds of people there. 6pm and I'm still wet but now on my way to Rabbit Island again to meet up with Scott for a waterski. Had a waterski but after squashing my finger trying to get up on 1 ski I again went to uncle and aunties for another BBQ dinner, more rugby 7's and a game of Cranium. Home to bed again and then Sunday do it all over again!! Started with church, then up to uncle and aunties for another outdoor meal(lunch) and then off to play beach volleyball again. An awesome weekend in such a beautiful place!


Unknown said...

makes me wish i was back there!

Adam Brown said...

Just happened upon your site thanks to the Blogger bar. I'm from Canada and we're in the cold heart of winter here. A day at the beach sounds just about heavenly at this point. Keep blogging.