Friday, February 18, 2005


Tonight was the touch finals. We won our semi 5-2 and so came up against the same team we lost to in last years final. They have remained unbeaten all season. Gapesy had pulled a hamstring in the semi and Cam left for Bible College during the week so we were down on players a little. But what an awesome final!! It was the last game of the night (8pm) and so there were quite a few spectators on the sideline. They were pretty much all cheering for us! As the game progressed it became more and more intense. Both teams scored fairly early but by halftime they were ahead. Just before halftime I had run thru from dummy-half but my long pass to Scott in the in-goal area went to ground. Second half I felt like my body was ready to play and the intensity also picked up. Touches are now allowed to be pushes so temperatures were rising. One of the opposing players swore when he dropped a ball and the referee gave us a penalty for it. The 3 referees had a conference and decided that him and one of our players had to go to the sin-bin. Dan had been holding someone from the other team. Well they got the numbers mixed up and so I ended up going to the sin-bin instead of Dan! This meant 5 on each team and the crowd cheered me as I ran to the sin-bin! When I got back from the 1 minute in the sin-bin the adrenaline was flowing and the games extreme pace seemed to pick up even more. Then Eamon was holding someone and then argued with the referee and then got sent off! The other team all started laughing when he got sent off so we got a penalty! So we had to play 5 against 6. I was marking 2 guys on the wing and the winger just got past me and scored in the corner. The final score was 5-1. It was one of the best games I remember playing. Loved it!! Hoping they start a supertouch league so we get intense games like this more often.

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