Monday, July 28, 2008

Aberystwyth, Wales

This weekend was my first trip to Wales! Andrew and Joel picked me up at 8am and we drove up past Birmingham and across Wales to Aberystwyth. It was hot and sunny all the way until we got thru the hills to Aber where it started to rain! The hills in Wales were similar to NZ in places and of course there were loads of sheep everywhere25072008553 although the sheep all had their tails! We found our campsite and set up camp and then explored the town. Its a quaint seaside town of about 10 000 with a  large beach and waterfront area. We climbed up Constitution Hill on the north end of the town to check out the view. Back down for dinner in a pub opposite the train station called Top Nosh. Don't ever eat there as they cooked my steak well done when I asked for medium, and when I pointed this out the barman took it to the chef told him I had asked for a full refund (I hadn't even mentioned money!) and then they did nothing! I asked for the manager who informed me they had thrown my meal out as they thought I didn't want it! Unbelievable! They gave me a small sandwich steak instead which was so tough I couldn't eat most of it. Appalling service!! We met up with Reuben and his mates and cousins for some drinks at Rummers by the river and managed to scare Reuben by picking him up and threatening to throw him in the river. He was panicking a lot! Then we met some lovely locals so went for a dance with them at Pier Pressure which is a bit of a dive of a place on the Pier!

Saturday was Reuben and Hannah's wedding day. Brilliant weather, hot and sunny. The church is right in the town and right on the waters ed26072008561ge! Amazing setting! A Castle ruins on one side and a beautiful old building which is Wales oldest university on the other side. They had a great ceremony and Hannah of course looked stunning! Then it was off to the reception venue (after some photos) which was at a country hotel with a semi permanent marquee setup on the lawn overlooking the valley with sheep not far away ! A lovely meal and some great speeches. Reuben's was particularly humorous as he shared some stories of his attempts at being romantic going horribly wrong!! After the cake was cut, it was time for the first dance which Reuben and Hannah had practiced for. We thought it was going to be a nice slow dance together but instead as the music started they went into th26072008575is routine they had choreographed themselves which was hilarious and very good! Reuben stole the moment tho when it was his turn in the middle of the routine to dance around Hannah while she stood still in the middle. As he did this he pulled 2 white handkerchiefs out of his pockets and swung them round in the air as he skipped his way around Hannah. It was a priceless moment! Then we all danced together before watching the happy couple drive away in a suitably decorated car!! After the wedding we went to the beach and paddled in the surf. Water was cold! 


Sunday we went to St Mikes church service which is where Hannah works and Reuben will be working as student workers. Then a drive home, this time south through Wales to near Cardiff and across the new Severn Bridge back into England. A great weekend: enjoyed Wales, thoroughly loved the wedding, met some lovely people and would love to go back sometime!

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