Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Music and mountainbiking

It’s been a busy 2 weeks! Have had outdoor education groups each Thursday and Friday and cub scouts and princesses on the weekends. 6 days work and 1 day off (Tuesday)! So yesterday it was nice to finish work around 2pm and then Richard took me to Wabash for a Michael W Smith concert. It was the Stand Tour which is a church tour but we were in a large theatre which is very modern and was really impressive. We had great seats by the sound desk and the acoustics were awesome. Started with some worship songs and led into some songs from the Stand album. Christa Black played violin while singing a solo and Michael Olson played 2 songs for us as well. It was an acoustic set with Smitty on piano, Christa on violin and guitar, Michael Olson on guitar and another guy on keyboard and the computer with percussion etc. They played Carolina from the Freedom album and This is Your Time (the tribute to Cassie Bernall from Columbine) After an intermission Michael W played a melody of his classics from the 1st decade and then the band came out and they just kept playing! Played us a new song from his next album (will be a Christmas album) played the music video of the song he wrote for Whitney his daughter leaving home to go to college. Finished on Healing Rain which was so cool and that led into everyone standing and singing How Great thou Art. Then there was an encore which of course was Friends! All up nearly 3 hours and a brilliant concert. Michael challenged everyone to sponsor children thru Compassion but also challenged the church to be active outside the 4 walls and change this world. Today was my day off so I slept in and then watched super 14 rugby, cooked bacon and this afternoon went for a big bike ride. I biked all the way around James Lake and Tippecanoe Lake and saw a lot of really nice expensive lake houses. Was a good couple of hours riding and then rode around the Wetlands that camp owns across the other side of the lake. We will do some campouts over there during the summer-it’s a huge area (couple hundred acres) with a few tracks thru the bush but needs a lot of maintenance done and then ongoing management. It was a beautiful day here today and so nice to be out biking by the lake and exploring this area.

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