Friday, April 06, 2007

History Makers, Rebecca & Angels!

Wow! Thursday 5 April was an incredible day! Only 2 days earlier I had pretty much given up hope of gettting to Illinois for the Worship Revolution Tour concert. Then God provided an angel (named Amanda) who is also a big Delirious fan to pick me up from camp and drive the 8 hours with me to Quincy, Illinois! 8 hours proved to be 9 hours when deep in conversation we missed a turn and went the wrong way for a quite a while before realising we were heading north towards Chicago-whoops! It was snowing when we left camp which I guess is crazy for this time of year and the outside temp was below freezing! We finally got to Quincy at 7pm and ran into the concert at about 7:05-Rebecca St James had just started. She sang some of her songs (including Wait for Me!) and some other worship songs-she led the worshippers brilliantly and challenged us to worship God through purity in our relationships. After an intermission, Delirious played-their performance was incredible! Sang mostly songs off their latest album, Mission Bell, but of course threw in History Maker and Over the Mountains. They challenged us to be Jesus in the community and that our worship through music can change lives out there. They got us to face the outside walls of the theatre and shout to the north, south, east and west like there was no roof on the building so the community could hear us. Man what a noise! It was so freeing to worship God in that environment-the music inspires such a response! I am pretty sure its the best worhsip service/concert I have been to-Third Day at Parachute Festival would be right up there too tho, back when it was at Totara Springs. Then Amanda and I drove 8 hours back to camp-I was falling asleep, I dunno how she stayed awake to drive all that way. An incredible 20 hours with stimulating car conversation and the most awesome, inspiring concert. Thanks so much to Amanda for taking me and thank God for History Makers, Rebecca and Angels!


Unknown said...

so did u u talk to bec afterwards?

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome that you got to go to the concert.. gives me chills (good ones!) thinking about Delirous playing at Paratchute...!

Unknown said...

yes i got chills at the concert!! In a way this was better than Parachute cause we were so close to the stage being in a theatre in like the 4th row back. They know how to make music and they let God use it to speak to you!