Saturday, May 27, 2006

Birthday party

Last Saturday we had a win in soccer against Nelson College which my parents made it to after flying in from Auckland. Then about 15 of us had dinner at the Lonestar Restaurant as we didnt have enough people for the Bar-b-cruise. Lisa and Katie made a treasure hunt for me which involved some challenges such as getting a girl to kiss me, getting someone to buy me a shot of tequila (very nice!!) and then buying feminine product at the supermarket and climbing into the fountain to retrieve a 50 cent coin. Then to Delaneys apartment on the waterfront for more clues to follow around and finally found "the precious" which was a ring made of gold foil in a treasure chest full of chocolate coins!! We had dessert here and I cut the yummy fruit cake which my mum made and dad iced. Thanks!! Watched the rugby and hung out. It was a cool night overall--pity more couldnt make it. Big thanks to those who did make it and special thanks for the cool cards and pressies. Sunday I worked but spent Monday with Mum and Dad and went to the new Nelson museum which gives a good history of the area. Dinner up at Redwood Downs. So my birthday was extended over a week really. I'm now 30 and today I pulled my hamstring!! Its the most serious injury I have ever had so I'm pretty fortunate. We won again today tho so we are now top of the table. I finish working at Teapot Valley next Wednesday so am lookin for a job--anyone got one for me?

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